Hello and welcome,
Amazing buttery soft, comfortable and fun leggings.  They are high waisted, don't roll over or down & stay in place all day long.  

There are two OSFA adult sizes: Lean which is from a size 6-14 and Luscious which is from a size 16-20.  They come in Full, Capri and shorts.

Kids sizes SM: 3-7 and LXL: 8-12

We have just introduced capes into our range, an amazing addition to your leggings

I also do at home Pop up Party's (a great way to earn yourself some free leggings) and at the same time catch up with the girls & have fun trying on some funky patterned leggings or we could even do a Facebook Party - that's a bit of fun as well.. otherwise you can usually find me at a Market most weekends.

Get in touch with me with any questions or to book yourself a party using the contact form below, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Rochelle

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